Johnny Vu, Paul, and Matt start the preparations
Jeff gets forked again

Pile of bases, an excellent match for the '99 Italian red

Raw materials direct from the basement

Craig catches up on some of his reading for school

Some Spinsters take hold of some high zoot parts

Matt flushes another project, boy is he pissed

Workspace ergonomics by Matt (where's OSHA?)

Dutiful Jonathan chows down

Awful mess

Elena gets her derailleur cable caught in the gears

Trophy consultation meeting, planning for the next wave

Admiring some completed trophies in the rack

Bad boy Pete pauses his work

Nathan searches the heap for that perfect something something

Mr. Smith makes a last minute adjustment before completion

Todd digs through the huge pile of crap

Matt didn't ask for the probe, but is glad he's got it

Jeff demonstrates the safe method for drilling into your groin

Matt does some detailed close-up soldering work

Now Neilie needs to figure out how to mount it to a base

Paul works with the remnants of his Pinarello track frame

Jonathan murmurs "what's up baby" as he works the hallway

Aftermath: Pile

Aftermath: Empties

Aftermath: Gutted & empty

Aftermath: Trophy workspace

Aftermath: Abused crank

Aftermath: More mess

Trophies 1-40

Trophies 41-64

More pix courtesy of Jeff!
Jonathan, Todd, Mark, Matt, and Elena make some headway

Trophies in the "done" rack (previously the "fastener corner")

Nate, Ed, Rach, Shelly, Linda, and Mea each take a different approach to their projects

Close-up of some trophies

Sheet metal is not a recommended material for a wood boring bit

Soccer player turned 'crosser

This trophy is scary... very scary

No wonder he had trouble on the running sections

Trophy details

Crank n' Skewers

Jonathan is having too much fun

Mark declares it "done"