December 1, 2001 ~ 70 Degrees and rising!

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The promoter's garage holds quite the cyclocross stash

Setting up in the rain, Ian and Craig consider their dilemma

Beginner Men, Women, Cub Juniors
A wayward soul makes his way up the off-camber

A customer powers over the rise

Kristin Oz runs over the top

Abby Keiser (Farina) digs deep to accelerate

Johnny Vu (Boston Cyclocross Association) leads Vince Galullo (BRC) at the top of the runup

Amy Burrer (Bicycle Alley) dips down towards the sandpit

Another rider is right on her tail

Abby Keiser (Farina) makes the turn into the sand

Cub Junior C
harles Marzot (Corner Cycle) mixes it up with the seniors on his way to victory
This gent plies his Trek MTB into service

John Stimpson (Bicycle Alley) kicks up some sand

Kenneth Helmel (SNEM) hooks around the tree

Karl Wiedemann (Pedro's) dives down towards the sandpit

Matt Beriao (Bicycle Alley) tears down the lawn

Jason Arcelay (NEBC) grins as he heads towards the sand

Cub Junior podium: Charles Marzot (Corner Cycle), Matt Beriao (Bicycle Alley), and Birthday boy Ethan Tieger (ECV)

Masters, Juniors
Series leader Jesse Anthony (Saturn Development) powers well ahead of 2nd place

Bikes scattered in the pit (we'll make it bigger next year!)

An IF rider has perfect Ska position as he lunges over the photo hurdle

Dave Genest (Richards Sachs) catches his toe on the top of the hurdle, his expression says it all

A Cyclonauts rider lunges forward over the hurdle

National Champ Paul Curley (Gearworks) lays it down

Sam Morse (MBRC) doesn't pause to look at the photos

A Verge Test Pilot grimaces at the healthy 40CM hurdles

Bob Bisson (Gearworks) pursues the lead group

Strongman Sam Morse (MBRC) is back for more of the same

Course Sorcerer Tom Stevens (Gearworks) makes it up and over

Paul Curley (Gearworks) sprints to the pit with a taco'd wheel (it's only 8 seasons old)

Masters Podium: Naturally, everyone blinks.

Junior Podium: all arms up

Junior Podium as Jesse Anthony (Saturn Development) dons the leader's jersey

Elite Women
Announcer Extraordinaire Richard Fries ( calls the jackrabbits to the line

The front line

Kurt Hackler (NEBC) arrives from Bolton just in time to watch the Elites

Michele Smith (Boston Cyclocross Association) makes her way over the hill

Emily Thorne ( powers out of the saddle

Mary McConneloug (Jamba Juice) chases after Thorne

National Champ Jodi Groesbeck (Putney/West Hill) sprints past Chris

Kathryn Roszko ( jumps after the leaders

Sara Cushman (Gearworks) grimaces with joy at the new course design

Alicia Genest (Richard Sachs) turns up the off-camber section

Sue McLean (BOB) tears out of the sand

Registration superstar Kitty Farago (NEBC) grinds up the hill

Emily Thorne ( shows her determination

Karena Paukulis (NEBC) sticks her tongue out for balance

Dawn Richardson (Verizon Wireless) opts to run

Michelle Kersbergen (NCC) single rings it up

Kathryn Roszko ( attacks Shauna Gilles-Smith (Gearworks)

Elite Women's Podium

Emily Thorne ( practically lays an egg she is so happy with her trophy

Elite Men
Tim tells Adam, "Now my teammate here..."

"Oh yeah, well we will see about that...," retorts Adam

Todd Wells (Mongoose) and Justin Spinelli (Saeco) are all smiles

Just off the line, it's Tim Johnson (Saturn) with half a wheel

Don Mills (Cannondale/Wheelworks) sprints ahead of Kirk Albers (Jelly Belly)

Aaron Millett (ECV) is surprised by the fast pace

Tim Johnson (Saturn) and company chase the early break by Matt Svatek (Cannondale/Wheelworks)

Kirk Albers (Jelly Belly) prepares for the downhill

Skip Brown (Seven) kicks it over the photo hurdle

Todd Rowell (NEBC) tosses himself over the 40CM hurdle

Michael Broderick (Jamba Juice) works his flat bars

John Verheul (Ideal Tile) grins as he leads two competitors

Todd Wells (Mongoose) cuts through the sand

Derek Bouchard-Hall (Mercury) kicks some butt in his second 'cross race

Adam Hodges Myerson ( comes around another u-turn

Johs Huseby (IF) races ahead of the pack behind

What it's like to be Kirk Albers (Jelly Belly)

Don Mills (Cannondale/Wheelworks) leads DBH (Mercury) into the turn

Aaron Millett (ECV) sprints through the sand

Adam Hodges Myerson ( kicks up a rooster tail of sand

Tim Johnson (Saturn) is surprised when he loses grip in the sand

Michael Broderick (Jamba Juice) powers right up the climb with his flat bars

Todd Wells (Mongoose) thankfully leads Mark McCormack (Saturn) into a u-turn

Josh Anthony (Saturn Development), well on his way to another Sports Illustrated article

Justin Spinelli (Saeco) screams his thoughts about the high hurdles

Rob Hult (Oneil's) jumps up and over

Michael Broderick (Jamba Juice) leads a group up the runup

The sun shines down on Mark McCormack (Saturn) as he leads Todd Wells (Mongoose)

Nate Rice (UVM) focuses as he grinds down

A focused Tim Johnson (Saturn) pedals through the sand

Troy Michaud (EuroTek) powers through the sand

Aaron Millett (ECV) is back on his bike before Nate Rice (UVM)

Todd Wells (Mongoose) is about to set his bike down

Rob Hult (Oneil's) digs deep on the last lap

Mark McCormack (Saturn) leads Todd Wells (Mongoose) and others through the sandpit

Tim Johnson (Saturn) takes victory over Todd Wells (Mongoose), 2nd and Mark McCormack (Saturn), 3rd

Elite Men's Podium

Mark McCormack (Saturn) flushes another race down the drain

Johs Huseby (IF) hungers for more trophies

Tim Johnson (Saturn) gets aero on his trophy

Todd Wells (Mongoose) is all giddy over his trophy

Tim Johnson and Justin Spinelli are glad it's all over

Mark McCormack dons the series leader jersey once more

Killer B's
The huge field gets ready to ride

Scott Livington (Horst) leads as Kurt puts his foot out

Forest Reid (Providence Bike) focuses as he heads for the sand

Ed Parsons (Amity Bike) tears through the sand

Eventual winner Alex Aitken (ATA) smoothes out the ruts

Benoit Simard (Durand Sport) made the trek from Quebec for the B race

Joe Saperstein (Coyote Hill) digs another rut through the sand