The start: pavement parking lot
Onto a short grass section

Around the big tree

U-Turn back towards another big tree

Onto the pavement

Down the access road

Approaching the chicane

Through the chicane

Continue on pavement

Ahh, just look at this sweeping corner!

Entering the runup, slightly down, then up

The runup (hurdle placed at bottom)

The view from the top of the runup

Down the edge of the fields

Go around the entire edge of the fields

After the fields, enter this wide, grassy trail

Slightly off-camber turn

It's a straight shot down this corridor of trees

Exit, turn left

Zoom along tennis courts through wide gate

Exit the gate, onto pavement again

"That away!"

Up this winding dirt road

Hard packed dirt road

Approaching the pit area, set of hurdles

The pit area

Accelerate once again down the grassy trail

Continue on the grassy doubletrack

A little riser

Entering the woods

Hard-pack dirt doubletrack

Descent through the woods (fast & fun!)

Yes, this is part of the famous cross-country running course

Approaching the start area

Almost out of the woods

Exit, you can see the riders ahead from here

Start/Finish Area again

If you're in the top 3...(to be continued)