The table of truly hand-made trophies on display

Beginner Men, Women, Cub Juniors
Mike Heath runs across the line in the Cub juniors race, missing his left crankarm!

Boston Crosser Andrew Yee (Boston Cross) gets interviewed after his stellar single-speed performance in the C race

C race men's podium: Jeb Souhan 1st, Michael cole 2nd, Andrew Yee 3rd
C race women's podium: Sara Bresnick 1st, Kerry Combs 2nd
Cub junior's podium: Toby Margot 1st, Kevin Wolfson 2nd, Mike Heath 3rd

Juniors/Masters 35+

Alan Obye (Team Grimace) is first in line for interviews, followed by Jeremy Powers (Devo) and Chris Hill
The junior's podium: Alan Obye 1st, Jeremy Powers 2nd, Chris Hill 3rd
The master's podium: Steven Dudley (Bicycle Link) 1st, Scott Wade (Gearworks) 2nd, Chris D'Alusio (Sobe/Headshok) 3rd
Verge New England Series Overall: Scott Wade 1st, Steve Dudley 2nd, Chris D'Alusio 3rd, Paul Curley 5th

Scott Wade shows off his overall prizes: Verge gear + a $150 gift certificate!

Junior national champ Jesse Anthony (ECV) awaits the start of his 2nd race in front of the Verge trailer

Verge New England Series Overall: Alan Obye 1st, Oliver Cote 2nd, Jeremy Powers 3rd, Chris Hill 4th, Jesse Anthony 5th

B Race

The B racers are twitching on the line...or maybe that's shivering
45 minutes later, Aaron Millett (ECV) emerges the winner, he's got a special prize awaiting him

The B podium: Aaron Millett (ECV) 1st, Jan Wiejak (Redline) 2nd, Steve Roszko (NCC) 3rd

Verge New England Series Overall: Aaron Millett 1st, Scott Plante 2nd (proxy'd by Sal), Jean-Paul Desrosiers 3rd, Paul Boudreau 4th, Shawn Milne 5th

Elite Women
National champ Alicia Genest (Richard Sachs) is on the line

Emily Thorne (IF) awaits the starting whistle

Carmen Richardson (Sobe/Headshok) keeps her hands warm before the start...

...but she quickly warms up once underway and off the front

Sara Cushman (NEBC) tears along the trail

Sue Fredrickson (ECV) zips down the doubletrack

Alicia Genest (Richard Sachs) keeps pace and keeps her hands warm

Registration ace Kitty Farago (NEBC) zips down towards the start/finish

Gretchen Paranya (IF) smiles her way through the race

Kathern Kothe (NCC) grips her stem on the runup

A group of riders make their way up the hill

Alicia Genest (Richard Sachs) leaps over the Boston Cross hurdles

Carmen Richardson (Sobe/Headshok) wastes no time opening up a huge gap

Emily Thorne (IF) keeps the Carmen in sight, and opens up the gap to 3rd

Canadian national champ Shawna Gilles-Smith (NEBC) rides with US national champ Jodi Groesbeck (Putney/West Hill)

Yvonne Ilton (BAM) follows a wheel down the descent

Sara Cushman (NEBC) carries her bike up the runup

Emily Thorne (IF) gets interviewed about her stellar race

Women's podium: Carmen Richardson (Sobe/Headshok) 1st, Emily Thorne (IF) 2nd, Jodi Groesbeck (Putney/West Hill) 3rd

Elite Men
Johs Huseby (IF) leads the pack up the runup with a giant leap

Jon Hamblin (Navigators) tries his hand at 'cross

Andrew Yee (Boston Cross) has a go at his 3rd race of the day

Tim Johnson (Saturn) and Johs Huseby (IF) run while Adam Myerson (Breakaway Couriers) tries to ride it

Current series leader Mark McCormack (Saturn) sits in for the first half

Frank McCormack (Saturn) sports his usual determined look as he negotiates the downhill

Larry Perera (UVM) rips down the downhill towards the sandbox

Adam Myerson (Breakaway Couriers) manages to make it all the way (don't worry, next year = taller hurdles)

Josh Anthony (ECV) and Amos Brumble (Lemond) make it over the top

John Hamblin (Navigators) makes the charge over another Boston Cross hurdle

Andrew Yee (Boston Cross) gets the cheers as he makes it up the runup for the 20th time today

The leaders make their way up and over the runup

Johs Huseby (IF) takes the lead from Tim Johnson (Saturn)

The brothers McCormack (Saturn) rip by the parking lot

A large chase group keeps things organized

Joe Alachoyan (Breakaway) overcomes a Eurotek rider

Shawn McCormack (CCB) sprints out of the saddle

Walker Fergeson ( takes charge of his Empella

The McCormacks chat while Donny Mills (Wheelworks/Cannondale) takes the lead

Walker Fergeson ( keeps things fast on the last lap

Bill Skinner (Richard Sachs) clears a hurdle

Everyone decides to ride: Johs Huseby (IF) leads Mark McCormack (Saturn)

Andrew Yee (Boston Cross) clears the "jump" hurdle with aplomb

Walker Fergeson ( makes use of his MTB skills over the jump hurdle

Tyler Savage (Sobe/Headshok) clears it

Two NCC riders opt for different approaches, one rides, one runs

Kurt Begemann (Sobe/Headshok) loves those cushy wheels as he just clips the hurdle

SuperFan Sal Argdana demonstrates the proper hurdling technique

Nate Rice (UVM) tries his own way over

Eventual winner Tim Johnson (Saturn) clears it with room to spare

Jonathan McElvery makes his way towards the finish line

Frank McCormack (Saturn) gives the lowdown on race tactics to Kurt

Mark McCormack (Saturn) talks about how he kept the chasers at bay

Nationals Preview? Tim Johnson 1st, Frank McCormack 2nd, Mark McCormack 3rd

Tim Johnson (Saturn) admires his he needs to figure out how it works!