The hacksawing begins anew
A bigger of pile of raw materials for the artistes
Still hacksawing
Next tube
So much for the living room
Off on the right foot: power tools
After 1 hour of sawing...a concept arises
Well, of course it's going to be a trophy!
Brad doubles as the trophy party waiter -- here's a base for you
You make me feel dirty
A mass of bike parts is ready for mass consumption
Johnson experiments while Brad feels out a cog
Michele sports quite the plumber
Francis screams with glee - this is so cool!
The spread - wine & cheese for the worker bees
It's amazing what you can do with a little creativity
Close up
A city of frame tubes grows on the horizon
Still hacksawing
Pizza break
They start to roll off the well-oiled assembly line
This trophy doubles as a post-race cocktail
Mark demonstrates a key cyclocrossing strategy
Always lend a helping hand
Not the golden arches, but a spok'd equivilent
Finally, the hacksawing has ended...
...but now what do we do with it?
Hammer hammer
The clock strikes 12:00
Showing off the snazzy new UMASS T-shirt stylings
CAUTION: Always wear your helmet: case in point
Judge, jury, executioner, artist
It's a good thing his mother isn't watching
Brad needs a little more light on his work
Another one bites the dust: the signing
My, that '99 Beaujelais sure went fast
UMASS T-shirt, reverse print with the drag'n lemon peeler
A miniature cyclocrosser (so cool!)
I do believe this is a drill bit, thank you
The wine and cheese stocks have been decimated
There is no limit placed on creativity in BOSTON CROSS
Cleanup...and soon I'll get some rest!