BOSTON CROSS: Boston Cyclocross Association

The Boston Cyclocross Association is dedicated to the promotion of the cyclocross tradition and way of life. Through instructive clinics, social events, and competitive races, Boston Cross seeks to build a community of cyclocross enthusiasts of every skill level from seasoned professional to supporters-club "cyclorazzi".

We offer something for everyone, be they elite-level competitor, curious newcomer, or interested spectator. Through events such as Barbeques, Parties, and The Annual Trophy Making PartyTM, The Boston Cyclocross Association aims to build bonds that last well beyond the conclusion of the local weekend race. Boston Cross hosts periodic instructional clinics to teach cyclocross techniques according to the time-honored tradition while still encouraging individual styles and interpretations. All are welcome to join in and participate, regardless of ability, quality of equipment, or fitness level.

The Boston Cyclocross Association was founded in 1999.


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