BOSTON CROSS: Boston Cyclocross Association

Email MicheleHere's the BOSTON CROSS Jersey Design. Clothing by Bio-Racer of Belgium, producer of both Belgian and Dutch National Team clothing (and 2001's Boston Cross kit!).
Item Features
Short-sleeve jersey Full-length zipper, Coolmax light weight for most racing days and summer riding.
Long-sleeve jersey Full-length zipper, Coolmax medium weight for cooler days.
Transotex polar-weight jersey Full-length zipper, Transotex-Thermastat, great warmup and fall riding gear.
Husky Air Attack thermal jacket Full-length zipper, Husky thermal windstopper, 3 pockets. Bombproof.
Isowind rain jacket Isowind breathable, waterproof jacket. Incredible technical gear.
Multi-F Windvest water "resistant", windproof. Your typical team vest.
Long-sleeve skinsuit H.A.P. Chamois (order one size too small). Be pro.
Bib shorts H.A.P. Chamois, great for longer rides (order one size too small).
Bib Knickers 3/4 Length H.A.P. Chamois, thermal fleece, super cosy.

Click for larger images of the Jersey (front), Jersey (back), and shorts (bibs):




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